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Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Feb 14, 2020 mixing bass and kick for lowend balance updated. Only the kick drum and bass should cover the low end. Royaltyfree sound that is tagged as temp, dry, monophonic, and one shot. Often a deep, solid bassline works better with a slightly more constrained and less deep kick sound.

First of all you will need to be able to hear the bass accurately, so you will need a good pair of monitors with a low frequency response or a sub woofer and if. Scott giaquinta for an indepth discussion in this video basic drumandbass mixing techniques, part of edm production techniques. As the kick drum contains the most sub content in your drums, i often compress it heavier compared to any other drums in the mix so that it can make us easier to achieve a louder track after the mastering stage. In theory, it would be ideal to have the subbass and the low end of the kick drum peak one octave apart from each other. I learned that working with bass, subbass and the low end of the mix generally was challenging for many of you. I explain step by step how we place these different elements in the mixing space, go over our compressor settings, and give equalising tips to achieve a clean and crisp mix. For starters, choose a bass and kick that sit in separate areas of the frequency spectrum.

If you use any of these sub bass loops please leave your comments. The method has improved over the years, but its worked fantastic. By doing this, youll lose a lot of the energy on which well mixed club records rely, so its important to be a bit smarter than that. Car stereos, earbuds, etc etc are lousy at reproducing frequencies below 100hz, where a lot of sub bass dwells. A fantastic email came in today that was so good that i dropped everything else i was doing to address the question at hand regarding stereo bass. Although it is important to get the lowend right, i believe that that is just the tip of the iceberg for the kick and bass to live together. As musicians, producers, recording engineers and mix engineers, we absolutely have to fully understand the capabilities and musical significance of these two instruments, both independently and together. Once you have cleared all the unwanted high frequencies give it a slope at around 18 hz so that it can mix properly with the frequency of kick. Id use the high pass filter while mixing, and instead of turning it off after, id just bring the cutoff all the way down and the whole dj set would have. Mixing tips for achieving a tighter bass blog splice. In this tutorial i will show you how to make the kick work with any sort of bass by using. Eqing your kick drum correctly is the first step towards a better sounding bass drum. One thing to notice is that on notes where both kick and bass coincide, the volume of the kick will lessen if too much processing is applied. Bad low end is one of the most obvious signs that a track has been mixed by an inexperienced engineer.

It sounds good on stereo with good speakers, but the bass is almost not present on other smaller playing devices. How to make sub bass that sits in the mix like a pro. Whether you are looking to add or remove sub bass frequencies from your mix, its essential youre armed with the right tools and techniques. The first thing you need is a good sample that wont break apart at different notes. A sub bass has very little in the way of dynamic range or life, yet it takes up a huge amount of space in a mix, so i compress the dog out of it to get it nice and even. The ableton live producer certificate program is the flagship of our music training. Tracks that sound heavy in a studio or club can sound empty on the radio.

When we think of how to mix our kick and bass, the first thing that usually comes to mind is how are we going to treat the extreme lowend sub frequencies. The musical integrity of the part is compromised to a fault, but the good news is that we have found a solution to stop the bottom end of our mix becoming too full and overloaded. A reader writes in with a question about how to eq bass guitar. On my recording, im using a sub synth for the bass. Add sub bass to kick drum logic pro x recording connection. Mar 15, 2019 in this tutorial you will learn how to mix and process a trance kick, but the same basic procedure applies to other genres as well. Because tracks like these will often mix themselves. Ableton live is a music production and performance software program whos strength. The lefthand spectrogram shows a section of a piano recording, with the lowest notes fundamental at around hz. Since much of the power in a mix comes from the bass frequencies, the way kick and bass are handled is crucial from a mix perspective as well as a stylistic viewpoint. How to eq kick and bass for better low end landr blog. The most critical sub 100hz conflict in modern mixes is that between bass and kick drum.

Hey, this is jason from behind the speakers, and in this video youll discover a powerful technique that will help you mix kick and bass like a pro. Tips in mixing bass guitar like a pro audio recording. The shortest answer is that subwoofer may not be required but it is still important that you can hear bass frequencies correctly. This can tighten up the mix considerably, especially if you have a thick bass guitar that always seems to get in the way of the kick drum. If this is the case it may be worth thinking about mixing your music elsewhere, maybe a friend has a studio with a larger set of monitors where you can perform your final mixdown. Of course you could always use your kick as a sub bass. Also, you may with to play with the adsr of the sub bass to get its envelope fitting in a tasty way with your mid bass and kick. For instance a sampled guitar loop may need to have some low end removed to allow a kick drum or. Already the bass mix will seem to have much more energy than when you started out. The biggest factor to consider when creating and mixing club music is bass. How loud should the subbass be compared to the kick drum. Equally, to make room for the attack bass to come, we scoop out 192hz by 2. You can get more out of your sub bass with some simple mixing techniques that will help control and enhance your sub frequencies.

How to separate kick drums from bass with eq musicradar. To get rid of this sub sub bass, use a steep highpass filter to eq it out. Make sure to remove the low end from all other tracks so your other instruments are not in the way of the kick drum. The kick and bass are such an important part of our music that we must give them very special care, especially in recording. Genrally your kick drum should dominate, because most cases the sub bass will not actually be heard. Your home recording studio is well equipped to shape your bass tracks as long as you have a basic equalizer and compressor. I tried sidechaining the bass to the kick, so when the kick hits, the bass ducks.

Whenever the kick hits, the bass dips in level to make more space for it. There are some small pro tips in here that will make your kick and bass sound better than just taking the common advice on this sub to put an 808 down and sidechain a kick to it so it ducks out when the kick is played. The goal here is to cut frequency from your bass, allowing more room for your kick. Sometimes the bass is felt rather than heard while other mixes have the bass in a much more audible sonic space. In this tutorial you will learn how to mix and process a trance kick, but the same basic procedure applies to other genres as well.

I will make a solid subbass sound from a sinus waveform, accompanied by a touch of distortion, and last but not the least, i will also play a melody from it. The question involves the information found in one of our most popular and earliest articles called mixing bass and kick for lowend balance. In this part i reveal our best techniques to mixing drums and mixing bass. Sub, bass, low mids, mids, upper mids, presence, and brilliance. Discover how to make the bass and kick fit together perfectlywhich will help you. Bass and kick tend to share a lot of the same frequencies in the low end. This video certainly isnt exhaustive but just covers some basic ideas about approaching low end. However, if youre now thinking that brutally eqing all of the subbass out of your kick and bass parts will provide a solution, it might not be quite that simple. The compressor becomes aware of each kick drum hit and compresses the bass guitar whenever the kick drum is playing. How do i keep the kick from burying the bass or bass burying the kick in my mix. More often, sub bass will inhabit your mix in the 40hz to 60hz range. In my final mix i like to have my kick sub hitting just below 0db, usually anywhere from 1 to 3 db.

When choosing sounds, always listen to the bass and kick together. But its also very easy to let it get out of hand and muddy up the mix. Start with the kick drum to get the groove going, itll make the mixing process much more enjoyable. Jan 25, 2018 this mixing hack will help you balance the kick drum and bass sound of any mix and help make sure it translates and sounds amazing when you take your song from the home recording studio into the. These changes focus the sub on a narrow frequency range. Below 60hz is considered sub bass and above 250hz is where youll hear the upper harmonics of the fundamental bass frequencies. Listen or look at the eq curve and determine where most of the kick energy is vs the sub. Mixing lowend can be a frustrating task for engineers, both new and experienced.

Fl studio tutorial mixing kick and bass like a pro youtube. A valuable tip for mixing sub bass is to keep the low frequency in mono by which you will have a sub bass with balanced left and right channels. How to eq bass using these little known harmonic secrets. In this video we mix kick bass and sub bass and then we make a nice. Once you have a decent sound, compare it on the same speakers with a good low end record, like jill scotts first album. The most prevalent sonic signature of popular music is the blending of kick drum and bass. How to achieve really creal mix by simply making two main components of the song work with each other. Jul 26, 2017 how to mix kick and sub bass in hip hop or edm tutorial in ableton live 9. How i finally learned to mix kick and bass landr blog. Software like rbass, loair, bxboom are designed to create sub harmonic content based off the source sound. The sense of separation between kick and bass can often be further improved by rigging a ducker on the bass channel that is, a compressor whose side. Ive been adding the kick to my bass rig since 1980. I usually compress the kick drum by 2db to 6db with a ratio of 4.

The sub bass frequencies occupy the 2060 hz range while the bass covers the 60250 hz range. I control the mix of bass and kick with the mix control on the amp. These plugins will apply selective compression to certain areas of the frequency spectrum, which can often produce more transparent results. Mixing and masteringbass mixdown wikibooks, open books for. The kick and your bass must peak at different frequencies to allow them to be separated from one another. Ive tried various techniques, like scooping out space for the kick drum out of the bass range in the eq, but i end up with a weak kick drum. How to make a bass that stands out in the mix soundbridge. The kick is arguably the most important element in your mix, so. Right now we have made a sub bass in which you can see all the unwanted frequencies above 50 hz.

Using waves c1 to apply sidechain compression while mixing bass and kick you can take this technique further using multiband compression or trackspacer. The kick drumbass relationship moulton laboratories. Using the high cut setting cut the frequencies till 50 hz. Define either the kick drum or bass as the dominant subdriving.

The kick is providing the thump, while the bass is much thinner, sitting atop the kick without compromising the overall mix. This worked to prevent the bass and kick from compressing against each other, at least. Using bass rig for sub mixing kick drum through bass amp. You can even use a subkick mic that we used on the bass drum in an earlier movie.

Then my actual kick sample that has the sub cut out, i like to have it hit around 6db. We scoop the subbass out of the kick, now that its not the deepest layer of the bottomend, using a lowshelf at 36hz. You may need to do some selectsurgical eq such as high passing the kick to remove its lowest. Oct 14, 2017 i only recommend using a standard eq if your kick and bass are sitting together well, but just need a little cleanup. In this tutorial, i will give you few reasons and tricks why and how to keep the low end of your edm track in mono using the fl studio music software. How you proceed will depend very much on the kind of bass sound. Just finished a tune, one of my best i think, the only issue is that it is written in d minor, and therefore the main sub note i use is d 36. So if your sub peaks at 50 hz, double that for the kick at 100hz. Sub bass sounds typically exist in the sub frequency band that spans from approximately 60hz down to 20hz. This will force you to make decisions that work in context. So whats the solution to quick, fat, harmonic sub bass. To make sure both your kick and bass sit well together, add a separate parametric equaliser to the bass and the kick.

Oct 26, 2016 the full range can also be divided into seven different frequency bands. Bearing this in mind, let me try to guide you through the steps needed for the bass to stand out in the mix. If you have a subheavy kick, you may want to avoid playing lower notes on the bass. First, its important that you are using decent speakers or headphones to hear your sub bass adequately. Separate subbass and synth bass, and sidechain subbass much. In order to make your kick cut through your mix you need to use compression in a specific way put your kick and bass into separate tracks. By using specific techniques with eq, sidechain compression and selective blending, you can craft an earthshaking synth bass for any application. Learn how to create, mix, and layer sub bass in this guide. Learn how, in 10 easy steps, to mix massive, powerful synth basses to cut through the mix and rattle your subwoofers. But before we dive in, i also put together a free kick and bass mixing cheatsheet that includes some extra tips and tricks that i wont have time to cover here.

We go over how to add sub bass to a kick in a drum mix in logic pro x. Treating your sub bass sounds is also essential to achieving a solid low end. Always mixing the bass 5db lower than the kick is stupid because you have to take into account the tone of the kick and harmonics of the bass. It may help to identify their frequencies on a spectrograph and tune them so they dont start to beat. Mixing tips for achieving a tighter bass big, powerful bass is an important part in most recordings. Once youve gotten to grips with the eq spectrum, and how to use it to make your kick drum sound spectacular, then you can focus on other things in the mix. Eq the sound the 8090 hz range you mentioned is usually the kick drum range, not sub bass, so try boosting down in the 4060 hz range instead. This way again in theory they will sit in nicely and contribute to a nice loud mix as well. How to mix kick with a sub bass fl studio tutorial youtube. Both the kick and sub bass will occupy some of the same low frequencies, so its important that you make space for these frequencies to achieve punch. Proper sample choice, tuning the kick, sidechaining and eq are the best ways to get a pro sound. In this article, ill show you some of the best ways to eq kick and bass to get the low end youre looking for.

Then i solo the combined bass sound with the subbass addition, check through the track for any lowend holes from phasecancellation, and shift the timing of any offending subbass notes to effect a remedy. Both the kick and sub bass will occupy some of the same low frequencies. Why and how to keep low end in mono in fl studio htmem. This is for house and disco house though where the kick is supposed to really hit hard through other loud elements of my tracks. If your lowend frequencies sub bass and kick are in mono you can layer up the bass with midrange bass with stereo imaging on it to give you a huge bass sound with tight and clean low end. Join bobby owsinski for an indepth discussion in this video miking the bass amplifier, part of audio recording techniques. Everything from a simple eq to multiband treatments and enhancers can be used, so there are certainly a few routes to choose from here. If they stay like this in your mix, theyll mask each other. If the kick hits on beats 1 and 3, program the bass to play on 2 and 4. Not only do low frequencies come from a variety of instruments, but bass is prone to exaggeration by irregular home studio acoustics and hyped monitors, leading many to compensate with decisions that disrupt the mix balance. It creates a character and texture, and also emphasizes the pitch of the kick. This is one of the most common questions by beginners in mixing. It is no use having a huge fat, subby kick drum with a deep subby bassline as well, as they will make the mix muddy and confused. In a mix, all instruments are played together and the primary problem lies in the bass frequencies, it is why every time you heard tracks that are not mixed, it sounds mud.

Anyway, heres how to make a kick 808 sub bass that bangs and fucks everyone up when it drops. The kick drumbass relationship the kick drum and the bass guitar are fundamental. At least the huge, pumping sub bass we hear these days is purely a modern phenomenon. A bass guitar can achieve a pitch as low as 41hz and the lowest piano note, the lowest a, is 27. Find a bass with the majority of its energy above 80 hz. Alternatively, you could cut frequency from your kick, and leave more room for your bass. If youve made it this far, you pretty much know how to set you mixing levels properly. We talked about this also in our article on how to make your mixes sound professional. They represent the bedrock of musical expression, the foundation upon which the house of music is built. Mixing bass and kick for lowend balance ledgernote.

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